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Jan 19, 2013 10:00pm PST
. >> and you're going to deliver. >> we're coming through this time. >>> and slapped with a $14,000 tax bill due all at once. what would you do? why one man paid it nothing larger than a 1 dollar bill. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, someone else now owns the batmobile. the bubble- topped ride for the caped crusader sold for four-poino >>> move over bruce wayne, someone else now owns the bat mobile. the bubble top ride for the caped crusader sold for $4.2 million at an auction in arizona today. and this wasn't a replica, it was the first one built for the 1960 tv show batman, the highest bidder rick champagne who has champagne taste apparently, he owns a lodgistic companies in arizona. >>> a shatta county man paid his $14,000 property tax bill with coins. larry gas per said it is a protest against the county. he lost his tree business a few years back because he couldn't pay his taxes. and when he tried to pay half of it, he said county officials told him he had to pay it all at once. so he came back with it all in small change. >> i had to borrow some money. i am missing a few payments on my home to pay fo
Jan 13, 2013 8:00am PST
, certain properties when they were built had to enter into a partnership with the county to get some tax savings and tax subsidies. they had to open up a certain amount of their apartments to low-income housing or moderate housing. >> got it. >> never hurts to ask. >> all right. david, i wish we had more time. you will be back, i am sure. this is a problem that can persist. contact david at drake terrace and go to their website at stay with us. more ahead. . >>> welcome back. a bit of housekeeping before we begin the segment. he can be reached at 4191935. we had that wrong on the screen. okay. >>> you heard the term mind over matter. it's turning out to be more than a proverb. new research is telling us more and more about how the brain affects the rest of the body. meet the clinical psychologist as the director of the nak banyel center in san rafael, helping people with movement challenges and autistic children by teaching them to rewire their brains to improve their ability. take a look. >> this is julia. here she is about five years old. i saw her first when sh
Jan 13, 2013 8:30am PST
and that is here, about $2 billion. >> and that is what that were sold on when they raised taxes, the idea of more money going toec. does it fulfill the promise? >> it provides $2.7 billion more to education and 500 million to higher education and that is where a lot of the support is and the governor made a contract. i think he has a contract with the voters and is willing to live up to that and ask for more resources and money and taxes. he got that and is not going to be responsible moving forward. >> and when we pass prop 30, it wasdoms day. we were going to see draconian cuts and now a surplus? did that solve the problem? >> the question is, were they telling the truth then? >> is that crying wolf then? >> it's not. this budget has $6 billion from the tax increase and without that $6 billion, we would be short that amount of money and we needed that to battlance the budget as the governor projected earlier. >> and we were up in sacramento on monday when the legislature got back together and we have a lot of new members up there and you couldn't recognize half of them and there is also, i saw
Jan 20, 2013 8:30am PST
. not only have we lost our homes but now we are literally losing our lives. i am a citizen. i have paid tax all my life and making excuses now, i have all types of guns but i am not going anything about it. >> stop and frisk is a politically triggered wording. but the fact is the police departments in san francisco and oakland do it. they do stop and searches. >> they have the chp, the california highway patrol in. that is what they are doing, patrolling east and west oakland and pulling cars other and basically frisking them. >> we say with stop and frisk the policy would be to have the ability to stop and frisk a suspect because you believe the person may be up to something. >> yes. and some of that is going on. we call it targeted enforcement. that is what they talk about. the highway patrol has no problem doing that -- . >> you have to be pulled over initially for something. >> the problem is 23 oakland does it, they get upset so they bring in other agency to do it for them. >> you have to deal with the realities of your neighborhood, right? sometimes the only thing we understand is
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4